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Extended Abella Arthur Bio

Abella, an abstract enigma who doesn't fear straying from societal norms that appear illogical and/or outdated, created Mindlogos to express the sweet spot of decadent difference.

Arthur's true colours (in order): tied for blue/green, orange, and then gold. While Abella can organize and plan well, she is not for the tried and true. Beating to her own drum and helping you do that too is Abella's mission. The ANSIR is: Visionary | Healer | Philosopher

While some of us take comfort in the status quo and facts, Abella takes comfort in possibilities and challenging ideas to help support a better world, life, and business.

Each of our lives could be considered experimental and Abella goes through and around the Web with words and pictures of feeling and thought dancing through the head.

Both an outgoing outspoken people person who pushes the red envelope AND a slightly dyslexic, book reading, think-walking, introverted doodler, Abella finds enjoyment in such things as: art, semiotics, business, technology, education, spiritualism, natural medicine, movies, music, games, the outdoors, philosophy of the mind, communication, and community service.

Authenticity is a driving force in Abella's personal book of knowledge and its promoted relentlessly for the well being of others.

Abella is an amalgamation of an artist, hippie, compassionate, mountain-loving mamma who has painted, weaved crafts, and who played the organ AND the radical, book-loving, techno driven, inventor dadeO who took himself how to recycle plastics and metal and began one of the first successful recycling companies in the late 1970's in Toronto. Arthur's siblings, who are just as inspiring, are equally entertaining in less obvious ways.

To get thoughts across a love of witty metaphors and anaologies are often used in personal conversation. And clichés in ironic ways, with double entendres, from time-to-time, thrown in for good measure often find themselves activated. Abella says decadent difference is imporant.

Abella's Passions

Art | Grassroots Nonpartisan Politics | Inventions | Coaching | Entrepreneurship | Projects | Communication | Organizing | Analysis | Authenticity | Reading | Cerebral Gaming | Conversations | Social Community Action | Information | Experimenting | Technology | Philosophy | Personality Testing | Bright Ideas | Good Food | Red Wine | Beer | Chocolate | Excercise | People

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