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Services and Fees

We engage in a discovery conversation (a Mindlogo) and create a Mindportrait for people all over the world. We can then turn the Mindlogo into a bio or help apply it to business interests: such as creating a business graphical logo or enhancing a brand.

We also offer a sliding scale and free services, many times a year, as part of our on-going interest in community service. Please contact us to enquire about the sliding scale and pro bono work.

All Mindlogo discovery conversations include:






We invite you to jumpstart the star that you are.






Request our services for your clients.







Request our services for your clients.




Application of Mindlogo to business venture to help you create your business logo, brand identity, and copy is included.



Work with myself and group members to discover your Mindlogo, then create your own Mindportrait.




We create a professional or personal bio for you based off of your Mindlogo.




Create your own personal and/or professional Mindbio in this workshop.




We are happy to offer consultations outside of the scope of our services. Just ask us and we will see what we can do.




Authenticity, Values, Missions, and Visions Seminars and Speeches.

A 30 - 45 minute overview of what authenticity really means and why missions, values, and visions are so important in our time.



Request Speech or Register for Seminar

Payment can be made through Paypal (see buttons above), cheque, cash, or money order. Transactions can be set up in other currencies and item remarks, please contact us for a special request.

Fees subject to change.

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