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Not all questions can be answered through this page so there are two options: 1) fill out the FAQ form or 2) Contact us.

Q. What are Mindlogos?

A. Mindlogos are many things. To start it's a company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and stands for : authenticity, knowledge, originality, quality, professionalism, productivity, efficiency, and being people-focused.

Mindlogos are also conversations (words, images, symbols, feelings, thoughts) that you have with yourself and in turn with others.

Mindlogos offer a new way of helping you fulfill what Maslow terms: Self-Actualization and Self-Transcendence by way of discovery conversations.

We provide services to: businesses, coaches, individuals, and non-profits.

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Q. What service does Mindlogos provide?

A. There are three mainservices we provide: 1) We have a discovery conversation and then take your mindlogo and turn it into a symbolic visual collage; 2) We read tarot cards to access your mindlogo. We do this mainly for special events and in certain situations will offer private readings; and 3) Life and business coaching for people who are seeking support for goal setting, planning, and professional conversations.

In all instances we are Mindlogoing. That is to say, we are having conversations where you ultimately have the answers and we act as a "conduit" or "coach" in reaching the answers that are within you. The visual representation, tarot cards, and life/business coaching are tools to self discovery.

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Q. What do you think about personality testing?

A. While we believe and offer personality testing as a supplemental benefit of being our client, personality testing can be exhausting for some and with our extensive experience with testing we have created an intuitive discovery conversational method that is much less intrusive, expensive, and painless. It's also unique and takes into account that no two people are alike. Personality testing categorizes and labels people and while this is useful for self-discovery purposes, ultimately: what you believe in, why you were born, and what you want out of your future is most important. This is a less limiting philosophy that we espouse.

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Q. Are you a certified coach?

A. No. However, the services we provide do not require or need certification.

With many years of management coaching experience, education in career and work counselling, and fine art -- Abella Arthur is more than capable of providing coach-like services. For example the discovery conversation uses coaching methods.

Coaching, unlike counselling and psychotherapy, is a co-active holistic approach that considers you psychologically well. Coaches also believe you have all the answers within you. We guide rather than instruct.

With that said, we are interested in pursuing a certified coaching designation through The Coaches Training Institute (which is certified by ICF) later in the year and the Adler method later in life. This is not for a lack of knowledge or expertise but rather to: 1) confirm our abilities, and 2) help our clients feel safer.

Besides, further exploration of any passion and meeting with like-minded people is always enjoyable anyway.

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Q. How much does it cost to get a Mindlogo done?

A. Mindlogos provides fee-based services to: businesses, coaches, individuals, and non-profits. Our pricing is different for each of our services. Please check the fees section. We do our transactions in-person or through Paypal.

We also offer a sliding scale and free services to individuals, businesses, and non-profits, in the Greater Toronto Area, many times a year as part of our on-going interest in community service. Please contact us to enquire about the sliding scale and pro bono work.

Further to our community service action, we provide FREE resources to all visitor's to the site.

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Q. Where does the mindlogoing take place?

A. There are a number of options available: over the phone, a quiet restaurant or cafe, a park, my office or yours; we make this decision together. So when you are ready to set up an appointment please contact us to arrange the details.

Q. Can I mindlogo on my own?

A.Yes, you can. With enough interest, time, and compromise -- it's possible to do anything you like. However, how many of us have that kind of undivided support, time, and interest? Not many. And then there's the recognizable difference between doing it on your own and doing it at Mindlogos, we fill in the gap professionally.

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"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular." Anthony Robbins