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Become a Business Mindlogoer

Currently Mindlogos serves small, medium, and corporate sized business in which the founder is still very much a part of the organization. If the founder is not available, we offer something corporate vision murals and artwork.

Do any of these statements ring true to you?

Yes? Then you have found the right spot... read on.

The Two-Step Process

Step One

We meet for 2-3 hours over the phone or in person (preferred) over a two-day meeting. If in person, you come to my downtown Toronto office (or we meet at a mutually agreed upon cafe, restaurant, or your office) where we have two conversations: one with the founder/key stakeholders and one that applies the founder/key stakeholders mindlogo to the business.

We send the results of our discovery conversation to an email address, that you supply, for editing if need be.

Step Two

The conversation gets distilled and confirmed. We then create a life and business branded visual reminder of your Mindlogo which you receive within two weeks. This is not the same as a business logo -- see FAQ's for more details.

You then receive a guide booklet to help you best direct and use your Mindlogo.

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