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The Birth of Mindlogos

A personal Story by Abella Arthur

I started Mindlogos out of a desire to fulfil a lifelong mission: To provide meaningful, inspiring, quality-filled, and productive services and information to those who want a better life and/or business.

In 2001 I left a lucrative and respectable position in a company that I worked at for 5 years.

On Sunday nights I couldn't wait until it was Friday night and I was frequently ill. Imagine that. I was wishing for 5 days out of the week to be over and done with just so I could have 2 days to live my life. Instead of having 365 days a year of life, I was having 104 -- almost a third of my life was wished away.

So I resigned but with that I was offered more money and a promotion. Even though I had taken a lot of time off for illness, I had already established myself as a star. I knew that if I didn't get out then, I would likely never get out. So I left.

I left to a fiance that wanted me to continue to work at that job and who didn't want me to pursue higher education, so he left me for that and a number of other reasons (thankfully), and I was stranded with no job and an impending move.

I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and since I always had a passion for technology and design (something that I could do from home, so I could enjoy a flexible working life and the ability to heal) I decided to become a certified Web Designer.

At that time I didn't know about professional coaching and since I have been highly suited to it all my life, it's unfortunate that I didn't study to become a coach. Or is it? I have this belief that everything happens for a reason and whatever is at your doorstep, including this Web site, is happening for a reason. So it was as it should of been. I didn't waste time; I got a life.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a marketer. The reason I wanted this was to help people bring themselves forward in the world and show everyone what they had going on. I ended up taking small business management instead because it encompassed a large variety of skills, including marketing, but I knew I wouldn't run my own business until well into my 30's. Although I thought of running a resume/temporary agency service for immigrants and the ability challenged when I was 21, that never ended up happening.

I just figured people wouldn't take a young adult seriously, that I would be labelled and judged as incapable because of my age, how I looked, and what I said, and that I didn't have any "skill" to speak of. That did happen and now I'm in the process, through Mindlogos, of helping people (including yourself or your clients) see that there is more than meets the eye through positive visualization. A mindlogo and vmv-c helps people see you for who you really are. For who you really know you are.

Not only did I want to be a small business owner who focused on marketing, but I played with art and was drawing my family to show them things they couldn't see in themselves -- things I saw. Art, social justice, and business was a huge part of my life since I was a young child. And I took courses that reflected these desires: small business, management, career and work counselling, web design, and fine art courses.

In my mid twenties I picked up some courses in the first Career and Work counselling program at George Brown College but I found that it didn't get to the practical and fun stuff quick enough so I left to pursue corporate management work. As if corporate managment was fun and enjoyable. ;-) But it was because I had the opportunity to motivate, train, and coach a large group of people and I got to see immediate results.

When I got older I wanted to become a therapist or a motivational speaker (oh, who am I kidding -- I wanted to become a number of things). I struggled to rise up and I wanted to teach others what I knew and how I managed. Although my friends and family thought I would be great at that, since I was helping everyone with anything from relationship problems to conflicts at work, they started to tell me I was more of a philosopher. And I found that to be a healthier transition anyway.

Since I could remember I thought people could objectively "think" their way out of emotional problems. That they were the only ones who could rise out of their situation. But traditional therapy looks at people as unhealthy and thus a victim to their circumstance. I started to see something different.

So I researched philosophy but then I came back to what I do and know best, which is communication. I have been studying communication since my early twenties. I found that the root cause of unhappiness was an inability to speak to yourself, and in turn with others, in positive ways. I wanted to help people be happy so I started reading anything about communication that I could get my hands on to verbalize and confirm what I had going on in my head.

I'm now pursuing a degree in communication (which might open some future unknown doors) part time while running this wonderful business that helps people find their own path in this world. I'm also going to pursue certification as a coach. How lovely it is to finally find my calling and I want to help you find yours too.

What is here, was here all along and sometimes it's hard to see what comes naturally to us. Sometimes we discount things that we enjoy as not something that we can actually earn a living doing -- nothing could be furthest from the truth. Mindlogos addresses this short-changing issue.

But before I came to this revelation, I had a tough time with my previous business in Web design. I couldn't come up with a mission statement and when I did, it was never quite right. I think I went through twenty mission statements before I decided to learn all I could about values, missions, and visions.

When I finally came up with my mission in life: To provide meaningful, inspiring, quality-filled, and productive services and information to those who want a better life and/or business -- I realized that consumers of Web sites were not really interested in what I had to offer and I didn't want to offer them what they wanted.

At that point, I started working with friends and family to discover their purpose in life. I did my partner's mindlogo, many others for free, and finally my own. I did this without the idea of doing it as a business. After I helped myself, I wanted to help everyone else that was struggling with defining their life.

Two years later, I find myself one day working with a very visually oriented person who couldn't remember their "values, mission, and vision" mantra that we devised together, so I created a symbolic visual collage to visually re-inforce it. Since it was often in sight, it was often in mind.

When I received rave reviews for what I had done for them, I decided "this is it!". This is what I'm meant to do. This is what I was meant to do all along but it took 30 something hard years of intense soul searching to figure it all out.

I have since then added tarot card readings and life coaching -- both of which are people-focused (one of my values) through conversations.

Through research about coaching, I have found that most coaches have vibrant, robust, and authentic lives where they have held a number of different positions, educational training, and personal interests. I'm no different. We help you find your life!

I welcome you to Mindlogos -- my home -- and hard earned wisdom and I hope to jump start your path and to see your rising star going forward. Your invitation is here, please rsvp.

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