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At Mindlogos, you work with a professional conversationalist and allocentric artist that performs what looks like magic but is actually a response to the practical and solid mindlogo that is revealed during your conversation.

The Two-Step Process

Step one

With an effective communicator, who knows how to get you talking about yourself in ways you might never of imagined before, you are helped to experience the ah-ha factor that erupts during and after the non-invasive mindlogoing activity.

We send the results of our discovery conversation to an email address, that you supply, for editing if need be.

Step two

Then a highly unique visual representation of your personal and/or business mindlogo (Mindportrait) is created and gifted to you within two weeks of receipt of the edited mindlogo. This will provide a sense of clarity, understanding, and direction, in many cases for the first time.

The gift medium could be a picture frame, bookmark, business card, button, or whatever else, as an allocentric artist, we find would most fit your lifestyle, interests, and reminder needs.

You then receive a Mindguide booklet to help you best direct and use your Mindlogo and Mindportrait.


A Mindlogo is one important step in the journey to total fulfillment. Decide to either support yourself through the Mindlogo or find another, such as a Life Coach, to support your future goals.

Whatever you decide, we will follow up within 6 months.

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